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updated 3:58 PM CEST, May 12, 2023
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Madrid Declaration
EANA meeting 5/6 June 2015

The bills for the modernization of the health system introduced by the Governments of France and Belgium have as cornerstones the generalization of the obligatory third-party payer. These initiatives were taken regardless of the expertise of the doctors.

EANA vehemently protests against this violation of the fundamental rights of doctors, who are:

• the principle of partnership in planning, development, modernization, health system management and budgeting processes.
• the principle of the free negotiation of conventions, the hierarchy and the value of medical acts in a joint framework.
• the right to autonomy in the exercise of medicine

EANA can not tolerate that in countries like France and Belgium, which until now have been reference models in integrated medicine and successful public-private collaboration, these fundamental rights are not respected.
EANA refuses that the very foundations of health democracy are challenged in any country.